The Top Crypto Coins/Tokens You Can Mine On Your Phone in 2021

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

If you have been in Crypto for awhile, you may be aware of a new generation of Crypto currency miners, mobile miners. Mobile miners are the next generation of miner that doesn't use a lot of power to secure the network. Don't confuse this new generation with the old phone miners that actually try to mine with processing power from your phone. These types are completely useless as they try to mine the old way with processing power which just doesn't work on a phone. These types of applications are also banned by the Google Play store and Apple store. I hear comments on the Internet like these are fake or scam coins. Anytime something new comes along, you always get this. They said it about BTC, XRP, ETC, ETC, ETC. It's no different now. Most people don't take the time to investigate and just spout off. Sure, some may not last or may be scams, but these new currencies offer many benefits over previous methods and I believe will be adopted. Along with low power use, you have very good mass distribution which leaves out corporations and whales. Only one account and one device per verifiable ID so they can't mass mine. Since they can't mass mine, that means they will have to buy. Just another benefit since the more who buy, the higher the price goes. You don't have to invest anything but a few clicks a day, why not? What do you have to lose? The earlier you start mining, the more coins you get a day. As more people join the network, the rewards get reduced by half until they are completely gone. So the earlier you start, the more you get. Early bird gets the worm! Note that most of these don't have any currency value yet because they are new and not listed on any exchanges yet. But you just have to accept this as part of doing business so you can mine as early as possible. Nothing is guaranteed, but either was BTC. :) The new mobile miners are apps that you can install on your phone from the Google store or Apple store. Signing up is as easy as logging in with your Facebook or Google id. Once signed in, you simple click 1 time every 24 hours to keep mining. It's that simple.

I update this article on a regular basis as I get more information or review a new miner so check back once and awhile. The forum also has some new information added regularly that you might want to check out.

So without further adieu, here are the top mobile mining apps of 2021 as of 6/19/2021 .

Phoneum (PHT)

Phoneum is located in Niagara Falls, Canada and has built an entire ecosystem that has games to allow you to earn PHT quicker. The games are basic and the withdrawal limit is crazy high at 20,000 PHT. You can just mine and get 4-10 coins a day by a single click or you can play the games and get around 1000 PHT a day. You want to get started ASAP as a major reduction in game rewards is coming at the end of June. This token is listed on an exchange. I earned about 60 cents worth of Crypto my first day playing the games. Over 3200 PHT earned in my first 3 days. Hopefully they have some type of developer day or something to get this really moving. Just 1 click a day unless you play the games. This is currently only available for Android.

Download Now:

Sign up now and get 200 PHT Bonus. Use my code: cefnhmur

PI Network

Pi is a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 10 million members worldwide. The Pi Network is based on Stellar's SCP protocol. Pi’s consensus algorithm builds on Stellar's SCP algorithm. The main contribution of Pi over the existing Stellar consensus deployment is that it introduces the concept of a trust graph provided by the Pi Contributors. Another benefit to this type of mining besides low power use is that you can only have 1 account and 1 device for mining. This assures mass distribution and prevents hoarding by corporations and whales. You can earn .12 coins per hour with a signup referral and more with your own referrals and also more by setting up the security circle. I am currently earning .27 coins per hour with 3 referrals. Get 1 free Pi using my referral. Just one click a day. Available for Android and Apple.

Download Now:

Invitation code: jdc4429

Hi Dollars

This is an amazing opportunity. Legitimate company that bought the domain and has deep pockets (Team includes: Stefan Rüst - Former CEO of and Sean Rach - Former CMO of The company is a not for profit bank with some major players from the Crypto arena. All rewards are locked until all the coins are distributed (They believe this is around a year or 2 from now). You just need to download Telegram, click the link for the Hi bot once you have verified yourself with your phone number. This will open up Telegram and a bot will say hi and ask you a few questions. After that, just click on Claim my rewards and get your free money. This company has big plans and as of this writing there are only 114,830 users signed up! Oh, did I mention you get 50% of what your referrals get (downstream also). And for those thinking it's a pyramid scheme, you don't have to invest anything so it's not. Just 1 multiple choice question a day like "If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?". Don't miss this opportunity or you will be kicking yourself!

Download Now:

Referral: jdc4429


Timestope is the same idea as the Pi Network. You build teams that help secure the network. The app has an improvement over the Pi network in that your not stuck clicking the button at the same time every day. It has a calendar and when the next day starts you can click on it to get your stamp at any time for that day (Resets at 8:00pm EST). You can earn .5 coins per hour mining by yourself right now. You can earn many more by getting referrals. Just 1 click a day. Available for Android and Apple.

Download Now:

Referral code: jdc4429

Eagle Mining

Eagle Network is a New Cryptocurrency with an Elevated Proof of Stake (Epos) Blockchain Launched February 2021. Just mining by yourself, you earn 24 coins a day right now. More with referrals. Available for Android and Apple.

Download Now:

Referral code: JDC4429 Bee Network

Bee network is owned by Bee Games LTD in Hong Kong. Available for Android and Apple. They are actively hiring for many positions. Just one click a day. What do you have to lose?

Download Now: Referral code: jdc4429

Firefly - SCAM Alert

This is a complete SCAM. They stole the gibberish they call a whitepaper from an article from from 2019. Link posted in Firefly forum. No Team info, company info, wallet, blockchain, etc. It's an obvious scam to get you to click their ads to make them money.

Liveminer Token - SCAM ALERT

See forum posts, this is a scam. This token actually requires a little work. The app has an area to draw in where you can draw whatever you want. You can try mining without the power up, but good luck. Basically you watch an ad to get a 5 minute powerup, then click the fire power up which allows you to draw really fast lines increasing your odds of mining a coin. Basically you swipe you butt off for 5 minutes trying to mine a coin. Right now, i can do around 6 sessions in 30 minutes and get around 12 coins. You get .75 coins for each block found. This is currently only available for Android.

Ant Network - SCAM ALERT

Alpha Network - SCAM ALERT.

Here are some others that I don't feel offer enough to be worth installing or look like a scam:

  1. Midoin

  2. Geo (Geodb)

  3. M2 network

  4. Prime

  5. Spotter

  6. One Network (Vikione) - SCAM ALERT

In closing, I advise the following:

Install, mine, hold 2-5 years, then sell.

Please check back often for any updates. Happy mining. :)

YouTube video: 7 Best Coins To Mine On Your Phone:

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