It's here! The Next Generation of Crypto.

In 2010, when the first GPU mined bitcoin appeared, you could mine a hundred BTC a day. When Litecoin was released in 2011, you could mine a hundred LTC a day. When Ethereum was released in 2014, you could mine 30 ETH a day. This is true for all crypto currencies that are mined; the earlier you start; the more you can mine. And guess what, everyone said they were all scams. Today is no different with the next generation of miners. It's really funny too because they all say the same thing. It's a scam or how can you get something for nothing. Only now the twist is "it's not real mining". The purpose of mining is to create an ecosystem that is secure. From 2009-2020, high processing power has been the norm for mining. Nobody had thought of a better way. Nobody realized the huge power requirements. But now, over 10 years later, some smart people from Stanford have figured out how to achieve the same result without the huge power requirements. A secure ecosystem with FAIR mass distribution. No whales or corporations can mass mine these coins since you can only have one account and one device. I think this is great and another reason why these coins will do well. You see, if they can't mine them, they have to buy them and that will further increase the price. Unfortunately there are a lot of scams on the internet and the thieves realize what a great way this is to scam people. All they need is a simple app that can play ads and convince you they are the next greatest coin ever. This is why you need to research. Find the website, read the whitepaper, and investigate. Do they look professional? Does the project bring something new to the table? Can you look up the company? Do you know the names of the people in charge? Did you check LinkedIn, did the staff work for anyone in crypto before? Do they have a physical location? Do they have a wallet set up? Is the wallet on a blockchain? Is it their own blockchain or simply piggybacking someone else?

These are all important questions and if you don't find out the answers, expect to be scammed. Fortunately, since mobile miners reside on your phone and Google and Apple own the market, anyone, even the scammers need to put the app on the market to hit a large number of people. Since these apps are scanned by the stores, the damage so far with mobile miners is only to your time. Wasted clicks and probably watching ads. On that note, don't ever install one of these mobile miners from a link outside the Google or Apple store. They are NOT scanned and could have any number of harmful things added. If you discover a new project that you believe is legitimate, please leave a message in the forum for new miners and I will check it out.

Happy Mining!

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